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Spoken English

How to speak on 'Getting Dressed' | Getting Dressed Dialogues

“What should I do next?”

“Change your clothes.”

“Take off your undershirt.”

“I’m taking it off.”

“Why are you wearing odd socks?”

“I could not find the paired ones.”

“Have you managed to find paired socks?”

“Yes, I have. I found them a minute ago.”

“Put on your shirt.”

“I’ve put it on.”

“Button up your shirt.”

“I’m buttoning it up.”

“Put on your t-shirt.”

“I have put it on.”

“Put on your pants.”

“I have put them on.”

“Your zipper is undone. Pull it up.”

“Thanks for the hint.”

“Tuck in your shirt.”

“No, I wear it outside my pants.”

“Put on your dress.”

“I have put it on.”

“Your skirt is on back to front.”

“No, it is on straight.”

“Your pullover is on inside out.”

“No, it’s all right.”

“Put on your shoes.”


“Tie up your shoelaces.”

“I’m tying them up.”

“Have you gotten dressed?” (“Have you got dressed?” — in British English)

“Yes, we have.”

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