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Phonetics and Phonology

'The' Pronunciation in two ways

TH sound in 'The'

'The' can be pronounced in two ways - strong /ðiː/ weak /ðə/. First, the learner needs to be clear about the two 'TH' consonant sounds - unvoiced /θ/ and voiced /ð/. Unvoiced 'TH' or /θ/ means that the air only passes through the mouth and Voiced 'TH' or /ð/ means that the sound uses the vocal cords.

The two 'The' sounds

The two sounds of pronouncing 'The' are /ðə/ similar to "thuh" and /ði/  similar to "thee." We usually pronounce /ðə/ (thuh) if the word after "the" begins with a consonant sound, for example, Arif likes the (thuh) song very much. On the other hand, we pronounce /ði/ (thee) if the word after "the" begins with a vowel sound, for example, The (thee) ending of this song takes the listeners to another level.


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